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Mixed Silk Tray Lashes 16 lines

Mixed Silk Tray Lashes 16 lines
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Eyelash extensions Silk lashes in tray for individual eyelash extensions. Mix length. 

These lashes are natural-looking and of a very good quality.  Each row can be removed and placed on your hand during the application. Can be placed back to the tray after procedure. 
In one tray there are 16 rows of mixes length:
rows 1 & 2 - 8mm
rows 3 & 4 - 9mm
rows 5 & 6 - 10mm 
rows 7 & 8 - 11mm
rows 9 & 10 - 12mm 
rows 11 & 12 - 13mm
rows 13 & 14 - 14mm 
rows 15 & 16 - 15mm
You need to choose curl and thickness of lashes.
Average number of lines of regular trays widely available on the market is 5 to 10 in total, but the tray we're offering for your consideration has 16 rows! 
Having so much length-choice in one single tray provides you with great flexibility during application, allows to reach that natural look all clients are after and also - much more cost-effective way to buy - it will last you much longer!
Note that these lashes are placed in new style of trays with rounded ends (both top and bottom) and hidden hinges that no longer appear outside the boundaries of the tray. Usual problem with sharp edges and always broken hinges of old-era trays are now a thing of the past!
More info:
Silk eyelashes are made of soft glossy synthetic material and therefore closely resemble real silk. Lashes are the highest quality, have rich and glossy colour, light and flexible. Box is made of two-coloured plastic case (black with clear top). Curl and thickness are marked on the clear lid; each lash strip of different length is clearly identified inside the box. Sturdy box has two hinges and locking mechanism to keep the lashes securely. Lashes come pre-lined and packaged and are designed for the professionals ease of use. Usage of these silk tray lashes reduces treatment time comparing with loose pot lashes.
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