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Jade Stone

Jade Stone
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Jade stone designed to hold eyelash extensions adhesive / glue during the application.

Jade stone is one of the coldest stones and prevents the adhesive from hardering and drying up too quickly.

Diameter: 2 inches (5 cm)

More info:

The word jade has been derived from the Spanish ‘piedra de ijada’ (first recorded in 15th century). Jade stone is also known as 'loin stone' as well as ‘stone of heaven’and has been treasured as a precious gem material since prehistoric times.

Jade stone evolved its utility over time. The early humans used it as weapons and beaded jewellery. This is because jade has tremendous ability to withstand breakage and therefore makes a great material to be used for weapons and fashion tools. Jade vessels were used in sacred rituals. Later on, jade gemstones have been used as items of barter.

Presently, jades are used in decorations, carving, art and jewellery (bangles, pendants, earrings, necklaces, rings). Many women fall in love items made of natural jade showpieces and jewellery the moment they first see them. Jades can be green, orange, or white.

Another common usage that just presently gained popularity – eyelash extensions application. It is important to use real genuine stone. Jade should feel really cold and smooth to the touch. It should take a while to get warm if it is real. We only sell genuine stones. Size & polish also important. Our stones are properly polished and are 2 inches (5cm) in diameter, that allows comfortable usage during the application. Please note that there are no two stones alike – each natural stone has totally unique look and structure.

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