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Premium Lash Primer

Premium Lash Primer
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Main Info:

Premium Lash Primer is used to prepare natural lashes for eyelash extensions procedure.

It removes any oil and dust from lashes. Creates longer and stronger bonding.

Contains: 15 ml

More info:

Primer is used immediately prior to lash extension application. It is applied using micro brushes that are also offered on this website. Our premium lash primer provides faster-drying, longer-lasting lashes (maximum bonding and long-lasting adhesion). T also has sterilizing effect.

Primer is ideal for full lash applications as well as infill as it does not harm the bond of existing lash extensions.

Usage of our primer assures that no lumps are formed during the application (usually caused by inadequate cleaning of natural eyelashes). Our premium primer reduces application time. Please use one of the glues available on this website for maximum effect (A or U+ type).

Please note: primer should be stored away from the glue – keep it in different box or cabinet.

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