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Eyelash Extensions 0.5 gram

Eyelash Extensions 0.5 gram
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Main info:
Individual Eyelash Extensions.
0.5 gram pot of loose black lashes.
Our selector allows to choose any combination of thickness and length of lashes.
Selection process is easy: 
1. Start by choosing the thickness of lashes by using a "drop-down menu" at the top.
2. Use second "drop-down menu" to pick the length of lashes you require. 
3. Select quantity and make a purchase. 

More info:

Our Loose Lashes are made from special synthetic materials and are light and flexible with a fine sheen. Each lash has tiny (invisible to an eye) micro pores in its surface to help lash glue bond to the natural eyelash. This assures good long-lasting bond. We recommend two main adhesives (A and U types) both of them available to purchase on this website.

All loose lashes (regardless of the brand) are hand made which leads to very minor inconsistency in length and curl. Each pot of lashes will contain some slight variation in size, which assures a natural look of the end result (nobody likes that fake doll-look). Example: 9mm lash pot contains 94-96% of lashes that are exactly or really near 9mm, 2-3% are more like 8.5-8.75mm or so, and 2-3% are 9.25-9.5mm. Due to that, many technicians prefer to skip over 1 size, for example: 10 12 14mm. If for example 12mm and 13mm applied on the same eye – it will look somewhat even as both 12mm and 13mm lashes will have some of 12.5mm. So, its advisable to skip one size when ordering also it is, of course – should reflect technician and client preference.

When considering which curl to order – we advise to pick ones that look quite different. For example – J and C or B and D. That is because J curl is somewhat difficult to distinguish from B curl; it is also true for B and C; and also for C and D. At the same time – difference between J and C curl is totally clear, as well as B and D curls. Radius of each curl isn’t something strictly regulated and manufacturers usually go by own guidelines. We order our lashes from trusted manufacturer in the industry, and their curves are considered to be proper. We also check each batch we receive to assure the quality. Proper length, thickness and curl are checked. Please keep in mind that these parameters are not exact science, and it can only be as near as possible to an ideal.

If minor inconsistency isn’t acceptable for you (or your client) – we recommend tray lashes that are even more consistent in all parameters (length, thickness and length). Both mink and silk tray lashes are available to purchase from this website.

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