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Disposable Microbrush Applicators

Disposable Microbrush Applicators
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This high quality disposable microbrush applicator is used on client's lashes during the eyelash extensions application. 

Disposable brush, high quality, plastic handle. 

Length: 10 cm (approx. 4 inches).

This is REGULAR type of micro brushes. We also have FINE type of microbrushes in other listing.

You may select required quantity: 25 brushes - 200 brushes.

More info:

Our micro brushes have microfiber tips and bendable necks and are ideal for removing individual lash extensions that were applied incorrectly without disturbing surrounding eyelashes. These also effectively used for removing multiple lashes in particular areas and full sets of extensions. Microswabs are also used for cleansing and applying coating. Effectively used for dislodging remnants of mascara or eyeliner from the lash line using eye makeup remover

These lint-free brush tips coat lashes without the hindrance of cotton particles that can become lodged around the lash bond. Microswabs hold solutions securely without any dripping. Flexible tip bends easily for even greater precision and it provides en excellent level of convenience during eyelash extension treatments.

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