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Crystal Glass Stone Glue Holder Pallet

Crystal Glass Stone Glue Holder Pallet
Crystal Glass Stone Glue Holder Pallet Crystal Glass Stone Glue Holder Pallet
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Crystal stone (square or polygon) is used during individual eyelash extensions procedure. Its function is to hold glue cool and prevent it from drying up for longer period during the procedure. Glue is placed on the crystal stone just before the procedure. After use, this stone needs to be cleaned. Glue may be placed on the stone directly or on the 3M tape or special stone cover (both available to be purchased from us on other listings). Using these stone covers makes stone cleaning easy or even unnecessary. If you choose not to use any stone covers and apply glue directly on the stone – you may use eyelash remover (also available on our other listings) to clean stone after application. Other option to keep glue cold and prevent it from quick drying is to use jade stone (also available on our other listings).

You have a choice of square or polygon shaped stone. These function the same way and which one to buy is really a matter of personal preference. Both are well made, with perfectly flat working surface and suitable for eyelash extensions procedure. The only difference is that square crystal stone has little glue pit, which can also be used during the procedure, and polygon shaped one does not have it.

Polygon shaped crystal stone measurements:

Top (working surface): 4.5cm;

Bottom (non-working surface): 5.4cm.

Square shaped crystal stone measurements:

Top (working surface): 5.0cm;

Bottom (non-working surface): 5.0cm.

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