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Eyelash Extensions Beginner Kit

Eyelash Extensions Beginner Kit
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Kit contains everything you need to get started. Once you start out, you can add additional tools / supplies from our website but it provides you with one "start off" kit. Not only it is much more convenient than buying tools / supplies separately - it also provides you with great savings. If you would buy all included materials separately, you'd spend 25-50% more. So, it is very convenient and cost effective solution! All included supplies & tools are of very good quality. All items in this set have been carefully selected, tested and proofed to be good quality ones. We do not sell so-called "ready made" cheap sets, we put it together using our regular items, which are being purchased by professionals of the trade and have achieved a great reputation. 


For the first item you have: 

Three pots of loose lashes in pots (0.5g each) of our most popular C curl lashes in 0.20mm thickness and different length: 1st pot - 10mm; 2nd pot - 12mm & 3rd pot - 14mm.


One tray of mink lashes C curl, 0.20mm thickness, 6-14mm mixed length.

Some eyelash extension technicians prefer to use loose lashes while others - tray lashes. With this kit you'll have an opportunity to try both kinds and see what works better for you.


Advanced Adhesive for eyelash extensions (1 bottle of 10ml) - perfect for beginners, suitable for sensitive eyes. This particular glue has prolonged drying time which allows beginner of the trade to make some quick adjustments to the eyelash that is being applied.


Premium Eyelash Primer (1 bottle of 15ml) - used to prepare lashes for eyelash extension procedure.


Special Eyelash Extensions Tweezers (quantity of 3) that have been specifically made for this purpose. These particular high precision tweezers are of very high quality and allow technician to work with individual eyelashes quickly and accurately. Included are:

One pair of X-type tweezers


Two pairs of straight tweezers.


Premium Adhesive Remover (1 bottle of 15ml) - used to remove eyelash extensions quickly & easily when necessary.


Under Eye Gel Patches (quantity of 5) - used during the eyelash extension procedure to cover bottom eyelashes.


Natural (genuine) Jade Stone (quantity of 1) - used during the eyelash extension procedure to keep the eyelash adhesive cool, which prevents it from drying too quickly.


Micropore Medical Tape (quantity of 1) - has multiple usage during the eyelash extension procedure (covering jade stone; lifting and holding upper eyelid; holding under eye patch, etc.) 


Silicone Lash Holder Pad (quantity of 1) - used as a tray (pallet) to hold loose eyelashes during the eyelash extension procedure.


Microbrushes (quantity of 25) & Mascara Brushes (quantity of 10) - used during the eyelash extension procedure to apply various solutions & brush eyelashes. 

Special Postage Offer

If you are located in UK - we will send your kit using Next Day Special Delivery with Royal Mail at no extra charge, so if you're anxious to start doing eyelash extensions - you will get your kit really quickly! Next Day Special Delivery is also very safe way of posting - you'll get tracking number that you can use to track its delivery. We also encourage you to browse our other items and add additional items to your purchase - if purchased & paid together with this eyelash extensions beginner kit, your entire purchase will be sent via Next Day Special Delivery for FREE.

If you are located outside UK, we will try to send it via Royal Mail AirSure service, which is relatively quick & you'll also be provided with tracking number. If the AirSure service is not available to your country - than Royal Mail "Signed For" service will be used.

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