Eyelash Extensions Coating Sealant

After the procedure eyelash extensions require special treatment to pro-long the bonding time.

Offered protective coating sealants can be applied daily and will prolong the life of eyelash extensions by providing a membrane to protect the adhesive bonding. It gives lashes an attractive glaze, eyelashes look fresh and shiny. Specially created to be used on semi-permanent eyelash extensions coating creates capsule around every lash which has been extended and pro-long bonding time if client use coating daily. Excellent lash coating essence has been specifically formulated for usage on eyelash extensions and natural lashes. It provides nutrition to the damaged eyelashes and helps natural eyelashes to grow stronger and be more elastic. This essence contains nettle extract that makes eyelashes soft and adds volume. Formula also contains collagen and makes eyelashes to be glossy and look naturally.

In this category you will find eyelash extension after care products that will help your lashes look better and last longer: Max2 protective coating sealant, DV coating sealant and Excellent coating essence.

Available Coating Sealant:

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DV Protective Coating Sealant
DV Protective Coating Sealant has been specifically formulated for usage on eyelash extensions as..
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Excellent Lash Coating Essence
Excellent Lash Coating Essence - nutrition and longer extensions specially designed for eyelash e..
Ex Tax: £14.99
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