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The overall success and the duration of semi-permanent individual eyelash extensions greatly depend on proper after care procedures, not only on the quality of actual appication. Careful attention should be given to post-application treatment. It is important to follow the guidelines to pro-long the life of eyelash extensions. Eyelash extension specialist should instruct clients and provide them with the after care leaflet. Such leaflet can be purchased from us for a minimal cost.

Clients should take extra care when using make up remover as it may contain oils that may effect or damage the bonding agent. We recommend to use oil free make up remover or Max2 makeup and protein remover pads. If your clients wish to use mascara, we recommend using water based mascaras as those specifically created to be used on lash extensions and will not cause any damage. We also recommend to use coating sealant or coating essence to pro-long life of adhesive bonding. These products should be used daily before mascara. Eyelash extensions coating could be used with or without a mascara. Excellent lash coating essence is another product that we recommend. It provides nutrition and makes eyelash extensions to last longer by conditioning the adhesive. This product has been specially designed for eyelash extensions. Browse other similar products available.

In this category you will find individual eyelash extension treatment after-care products that will help your lashes to look better and last longer: Max2 special mascara gold, Max2 protective coating sealant, Max2 eye make-up and protein remover pads, DV glowing Mascara, DV coating sealant, Excellent coating essence, Excellent volume up mascara.

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DV Protective Coating Sealant
DV Protective Coating Sealant has been specifically formulated for usage on eyelash extensions as..
Ex Tax: £14.99
DV Glowing Mascara
DV Special Glowing Mascara has been specifically formulated for usage on eyelash extensions as we..
Ex Tax: £8.99
Excellent Lash Coating Essence
Excellent Lash Coating Essence - nutrition and longer extensions specially designed for eyelash e..
Ex Tax: £14.99
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